Wireless Power cable MagSafe® compatible

  • 100% MagSafe compatible
  • 15 watt fast charge
  • 1 metre charging cable
  • USB-C
  • Plug & play
Charging power

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Wireless Power cable MagSafe® compatible

Charging power
  • 100% MagSafe compatible
  • 15 watt fast charge
  • 1 metre charging cable
  • USB-C
  • Plug & play

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Wireless Power

Magnet array iPhone system compatible with 15 watt MagSafe® fast charge


Give your iPhone a tech and design wireless charging system. With 15 watts of power, Wireless Power offers fast, inductive charging of your phone.

Compatible with all chargers, the 5V/3A and 9V/2.22A input allows a maximum output of 15Watts, which is the maximum accepted in wireless for the iPhone. All the specifications are met:

Magsafe compatible
Stylish design
Fast charging
Temperature control
Safe charging
Extreme magnetic force (1110g)
Aluminium and ABS alloy

The 16 highly magnetic magnets that cover Wireless Power allow for faster wireless charging of your phone and a seamless, powerful hold.

Wireless charging for the modern lifestyle. 


Wireless Power is designed in 6 distinct layers. 

The first, made of aluminium, serves as a protective shell and heat sink, optimising induction during charging.

Next is the induction plate, which is moulded around the motherboard and manages the charge electronically to always deliver 15 watts while keeping the battery warm.
Then there are the 16 magnets that provide a safe and optimal contact between Wireless Power and your device. Finally, there is the ABS insulation, to protect you from electrical contact and prevent interference when making wireless calls. 

Wireless Power's 16 magnets provide a magnetic force of 1110g, more than 4 times the weight of the heaviest iPhone, the 14 Pro Max.

Quick charge


Apple allows fast charging of up to 15 Watts, so Wireless Power offers charging at the maximum allowed standard. 

Electronic management 

Wireless Power is fully electronically managed. Input signal strength, output signal optimisation, temperature compliance, interference suppression. 


USB-C to MagSafe charger Wireless Power 100% MagSafe compatible.


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