VIP Program


If you are a pioneer, a visitor and would like to join the explorers' club, this is where your initiation begins.

The exploration is simple, it takes place in 3 steps.

VIP Explorer Level 1 : To join the #Team_GTX explorer, you must place your first order on our website. The amount does not matter, only your presence counts.
This level allows you to benefit from 15% on your second order, with no minimum purchase. 
A personal code will be sent to you by our #Leader_explorer to make use of your offer. 

VIP Explorer Level 2  : You are a serious explorer, you have won over 5 new explorers, all of whom have placed an order on by indicating your explorer code*. This level 2 gives you access to a free accessory on the whole range of the site! 
A personal code will be sent to you by our #Leader_explorer to make use of your offer.

VIP Explorer Level 3  : We're not kidding anymore, exploration is your spearhead, your vital goal is to break records, to be the boss, to make a name for yourself. Collect 500 new explorers, use the methods you choose, social networks, word of mouth, personal network and assign 500 orders on with your explorer code*.

This level will give you a free iPhone 14 Pro! 

Our #Leader_explorer will contact you to organise your award giving. A photo shoot will be held to let humanity know who the boss is!


* Your explorer code can be found in your customer account.